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The Darkness Before Dawn LP

CD and Tape

It has been over a month since The Darkness Before Dawn was released. Here's the inspiration behind each track.

Intro - The intro is a build up of vocal samples that introduce the theme. I had a chopped soul beat that I finished the week before I made the intro that fit in the right key, so I threw it in and liked the way it sounded immediately.

Life Goes On - This track came together in about four days. Finding the samples were the most tediuous part. I focused on blues and sadder soul samples for this one.

Rainy Day Part II - This is a continuation of A Cloudy Day, a track I released on the first album, Out There. I really liked the key of the original melody so I spent a while finding vocal samples to fit around it. I like the laid back, bassy feel of this one.

We Met At Midnight - After I had all the samples together for this one, I put it together in about two days. It is about meeting a friend a waffle house last Spring around 1 am.

In The Darkest Hour (Trouble On My Mind) - Even though there is little to no synth work in this track, it took the longest to put together. There were between 12 and 14 samples used to make this one.

There's Nothing Left - I used lots of Atlanta-based vocals in this beat. I like the slower tempo and the sample content fit the project well, so I decided to throw it in the release last-minute. I'm glad I did, it has grown on me since I made it.

Don't Explain - This track is a conversation between two people. The guy singing represents one voice, and the female represents the other.'s an argument.

Front Cover

Back Cover Art

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