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Studio Evolution of Daily Bread

Lately I've been approached pretty regularly about what I use to make my music. So here's a bit of insight into the hardware and software I use on and off and how it's evolved.

October 2007- MPC 2000 classic with standard memory two tracked into garage band. I was monitoring everything through a consumer grade all-in-one stereo system. It was crap but I learned a lot. Here's a beat made at that time.

2009 MPC2000XL & Logic 8 with a microkorg slaved to the MPC. I started using studio monitors at this point. I made this beat with the setup below.

2012 - Upgraded the MPC and got an akai DPS 16 digital multitrack recorder. I quit mixing via software and used the DPS 16 for about a year and a half. I was listening to a lot of Madlib and Nujabes at this time and put out a small jazz-based LP called the Faded Jazz EP.

2014 - I acquired a first gen KORG MS-10 (shout out to Jeff) and an akai MPK 61 and started running Windows. This brings me to my current setup below.


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