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New Merch

I'm excited to bring these shirts to the table, we've been working on them for a minute. Both designs were crafted by myself and executed graphically by my drummer, EJ, and feature the same fit and quality as the last round. We created less than 50 of each.

Polaroid Shirts Photo 2: This past Spring I was hacking cassette tapes and taking the felt pads out of them. This causes unpredictable pitch swirling (this effect can be heard on the opening piano loop of "Sunrise"). I was sampling cassettes this way for the effect and my machine ended up eating a tape I was recording off of. Before I cleaned up the mess I snapped the featured picture with my SX-70.

Block Breaker Shirt: I wanted to make something that would look like a pattern from far away but repped dB low-key close up. I also wanted it to match everything, so we came up with the block breaker design in black.


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