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New Sounds // A Night In Atlanta

The area code 404 is synonymous with Atlanta and its closest suburbs. Today being April 4, it's important to me to pay homage to the city that's given me so much inspiration. This song features chops and slices from many different Atlanta records cut in different eras, the earliest being a blues record from 1927 - the latest a 2006 jazz vocal ballad by Miss Monáe. Growing up in Stone Mountain and living in various parts of the city for the past ten years, I have a natural curiosity for anything "Georgia" that I see on a record. I've been leveraging the best records I find in songs recently. This specific one describes a Spring night in Atlanta. It's told through the voices of people who have lived and recorded music here over the years.

If you like this track be sure to check my other Georgia-based track Walking In The Georgia Rain. Come see us live in Centennial Olympic Park at SweetWater 420 fest on Friday, April 21 at 5:00p.

A Night In Atlanta Art Collage Daily Bread

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