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Time Is Of The Essence

My latest track is inspired by the fleeting nature of time. It was started in Fall 2017, while living in Golden, Colorado, where I worked on it initially for two days. At the time, Summer had just wrapped up in Colorado and I was preparing to move back East. There were only a couple more days before the project studio I was working out of needed to be packed. Consequently, the plans to finish and release were put on hold and it wasn't until this past Fall that I was able to revisit it and hone everything in.

Artifakts with the dope cover design...

A couple months ago I revisited the track in order to make it feel more assailing. I wanted the drop sections to match the tone and gravity of the theme, which is heavy and deep. It was fun going deeper into that realm, and time in general is an inspiring concept to tap into creatively.

Daily Bread Record Collection

Clock On the Wall is devised of many different records in my collection. One of the most interesting is a self help record about how to manage time more efficiently. It comes in at the 2:03 mark proclaiming "Time is the image of eternity. Time is the fourth dimension. Time is having no real existence outside the human mind. With it all is possible. Without it, nothing." This is very profound. It's ironic to think that time is nothing yet everything at the same time. Big ups to Recollect Records in Denver for that find.

You can now listen to Clock On The Wall right now on Spotify.

Catch me live this Spring at Digital Dreams, 420 Fest, Cervs, & Sonic Bloom.

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