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Re-Entry EP

March 27, 2020 | 24:16 mins

Re-Entry is the eighth full body of work produced by the crate-digging ATL producer Daily Bread (Rhett Whatley). Re-Entry represents a homecoming to Earth after an expansive journey through space and is the companion to Daily Bread’s Navigator, Standby LP, released on May 2, 2019. What goes up, must come down.

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Navigator, Standby LP

August, 31 2018 | 35:33 mins

Eleven tracks beamed straight down from space with features from STS, Obeah, and Luke Sipka. 

Released on vinyl & streaming, the packaging and cover art for Navigator Standby serves as an intricately designed visual accompaniment for the album, and features the artwork of 1950’s British sci-fi artist David A. Hardy, with a special collage insert created by Daily Bread.

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Edgewood & Boulevard

December 11, 2018 | 43:46 mins

STS returns home to Atlanta to work with DailyBread on a project they titled Edgewood & Boulevard, in which they synch hometown roots and influence with beats & lyrics.

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On The Hour EP

August, 31 2018 | 9:08 mins

On The Hour is an accompaniment piece to Daily Bread's On The Daily 2xLP release, presented on high quality 7"/45rpm vinyl records.

To purchase a limited On The Hour 7" record, visit

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On The Daily 2xLP

February, 4 2018 | 1hr 4 mins

On The Daily is a décollage of live instrumentation and vinyl samples designed to sound like a postcard looks. It's a 60 minute melting pot of my collective influences from the past three years – both places and people.

The arrangements have been carefully chosen and pieced together to evoke a variety of moods and emotions. The goal was to take full advantage of modern music production technology to evoke a variety of feelings we experience every day.

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Divided Souls LP

December 12, 2016 | 33:52 mins

Derlee Music and Daily Bread present Divided Souls. The Divided Souls LP was crafted throughout 2016 and is the culmination of many long hours, late night discussions, and long miles traveled.

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Cloud Conductor

July 27, 2016 | 45:14 mins

Ten songs inspired by a pair of road trips to the Midwest last Spring. The clouds, the countryside, and the people all make their way into the music.

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Daily Bread Music Darkness Before Dawn Cover Art by Artifakts.
The Darkness Before Dawn
Septmeber 2, 2015 | 33:33 mins

Produced and arranged solely by record collector and beatsmith, Rhett Whatley, The Darkness Before Dawn was recorded in Atlanta over the cold, wet winter and spring of 2014/15. This project features some of Daily Bread’s most inspired material.


“I was really focused on bringing some of the sadder, depression-dripped tones out of my record collection with this LP” Whatley explains. The songs tell tales of love lost, never-ending rain storms, late night encounters, and restless minds. I really made something that has a lot of life in it.”


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Out There
September 1, 2014 | 39:29 mins

The Philos crew is beyond stoked to present the latest from Atlanta native Daily Bread. Rhett keeps a solid sense of balance in his production, whether pumping samples on the MPC or subtly laying synthesis in his tracks. I’m very excited about this one, and for Daily Bread’s future.

Daily Bread’s music has a similar style like Pretty Lights, however; his music sounds a more old fashion but with a new style twist. The set “Out There” is a mixture between jazz, disco, funk, and hip/hop music. Together it forms an incredible groovy set that will sooth your soul.

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Singles & Remixes
Unofficial remixes and singles released 2014 - present.  
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