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Flash Flood II Mixtape

Flood the streets! A The Flash Flood Il mixtape is out now featuring 25 new beats, bumps, & remixes.


  1. Hands Up Intro 

  2. In The Beginning

  3. Daily Bread (Daily Bread Remix)

  4. Push It To The Limit ft. Artifakts 

  5. Million Dollar Baby (Daily Bread Remix)

  6. Riding In a Circle (Catch Me If You Can)

  7. Sunroof Top ft. Late Night Radio (Daily Bread Version) 

  8. Two Hundred On The Dash 

  9. Rat Race

  10. Middle Of The Street

  11. Catch The Beat 

  12. The Rain Song 

  13. Cell Therapy (Daily Bread Remix)

  14. Walk It Out (Daily Bread Remix)

  15. Lithonia Industrial Blues

  16. A Shadow From The Past 

  17. Whooping A$$

  18. Be Steadfast

  19. Two Below Zero 

  20. Weary Days 

  21. Up Above Chicago 

  22. You & Me ft Derlee 

  23. X My Mind (Daily Bread Remix) 

  24. Tomorrow Is Gone 

  25. STS & Khari Mateen - Waffle House Acoustic (Daily Bread Remix) 


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